Registration Terms
Registration Terms

The submission requirements to the judicial institute

1- He /she must be graduated of a college of  law in the Republic of Iraq or a recognized college and should pass the exam of Iraqi laws .the institute set  the materials of this exam and how to conduct.

2- He /she should have  practiced an advocate actually for at least three years and his /there is no defect in his/her pleading at the expense of right , justice and law or he /she should have practiced a judicial or legal office in the governmental departments or in the public sector for above mentioned period at least.

3- His /her age is not more than forty years old and not less than twenty eight years old when he/she admissions to study in the judicial.

4- He /she should be of praiseworthy conduct and good reputation

5- He /she must meet the physical fitness requirements

6- He /she has not  been previously dismissed from the institute.

7- He /she must be Iraqi by birth and born to Iraqi parents and he /she must be fully qualified.

8- He /she should not be sentenced to a non-political felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

Required Documents

1.Confirmation of Graduation

2.Civil Status Identity Card of the Applicant,his Parents and his Pouse (original and copy)

3.Iraqi Nationality Certification of the Applicant,his Parents and his Pouse (original and copy)

4.Color Personal Photograph number (10)

5.The Certified Marriage Contract (2  copies)

6.Housing Card (2 copies)

7.Certified Verdicts if the Applicant is a Lawyer

8.Written Undertaking of Number of Times Application








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