A gang stealing 260,000$ and gold jewelry with the help of a family member

A gang stealing 260,000$ and gold jewelry with the help of a family member

Baghdad / Inas Jabbar

2018-09-16 01:42:00

At 10:30 pm, a force claiming to be from the National Security Service stormed a family house containing several apartments for four brothers in a residential neighborhood in the east of Baghdad. They claimed that they came to search the house, but they confiscated all the cash and gold jewelery belonging to the brothers and their families except for an apartment One of the gang members fled to an unknown destination with possession of the house and its residents. At the time of the incident, the complainant told one of the four brothers about the incident, detailing the events according to his account that he was "surprised at about 10:30 pm by storming three uninvolved persons, only one of them his house in eastern Baghdad, which is a residential complex comprising four apartments belonging to him and his brothers." He said that "these people claimed that they are from the National Security Service, and when they entered the house to document his hands and hit him and then during the inspection stole the sum of (two hundred and sixty thousand dollars with different gold jewelry estimated at eight million Iraqi dinars," stressing that " With his brother and his wife who live on the opposite side, but no one has helped him. " After the gang came out loaded with what he stole, the brother asked his neighbor and his wife not to find him. They told him that they did not hear anything and that his brother was busy in the phone and put the listening device on his ears. This raised doubts about the charges against them, especially as they told him that their home was not exposed. To steal the other apartments opposite, he filed a complaint and charged them with them. Investigations were carried out and the complainant's statements were taken. The witness's son, the brother of the accused, testified that on
the day of the incident, his mother spoke to the defendants in the drawer of the stairs and forced him into the room. She returned and went more than five times to follow up They also reported that one of the armed men, a masked man, ascended, and that his mother said with one letter (preferred) and the latter answered by a non-talk and then went down to the ground floor. In the course of the investigations and the testimony of the witnesses, the accused confessed with her agreement with the gang members to carry out the robbery, arranging and planning on the details of the incident to identify the accused and the assets in kind and cash inside the apartments, and the fact that the apartments for all the brothers were broken into only the apartment of the accused, which gave rise to doubt to the complainants, Operation and gang members are exposed. The court reviewed the minutes of the disclosure and the report and the experts' report issued by the Directorate of Criminal Evidence including the left handprint of one of the accused and the effects transferred from the scene of the incident and the evidence obtained in the case and confessions and statements of witnesses before the investigator and investigating judges and the availability of all legal guarantees for the accused. The Criminal Court, for its part, held that the contents of the case papers are convincing to convict and criminalize them in accordance with the provisions of article 440 / 1,2,3,4 of the Iraqi Penal Code and issued a decision on the defendant and members of her three gang to life imprisonment for each of them according to the legal article, 128 / a Fundamentalism.

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