Trade of Illusion

Trade of Illusion

The judge Amer Hassan SHanta

2018-09-24 09:43:00

The variety of photos trading according to the variety of communities which are influenced by consciousness and ruled a legal controls . perhaps the trading photos like sale of goods services don’t give rise to a problematic they contribute to activate the movement of the economy and gross domestic product to achieve the development and prosperity . there are some images of trade was still received a popular among some communities , including the Iraqi society for various reasons cant consideration in this short article which we can call it (trade illusion ) being taken from delusions merchandise develop in the minds of simple and steal their money and minds .
And at the spread of those manifestations for example (magic ) which became her the old men have became stars in TV and centers spread in the center of Baghdad under the sight of everyone and satellite channels and dictate the streets , including also the ( shrines fake ) which began increase as a scary way and threatens dogmas people . to treat these phenomena , they require a big efforts by religious institutions and different events community and media art , (the egg and stone ) move is a consideration a model because deterrence legal represents the cornerstone eliminate those traffickers of illusion and punishment all .

And to the reference of the legal provisions we note that the Iraqi penal code not include a special statement applies to these crimes such as crimes under the article (456) penalties and that made the Iraqi legislator to non-members of a text of crime like magic because is difficult to prove that crime .
However those justifications no longer valid mainly especially after these business moved from the scope of the secret to the scope of public and became to her a centers and satellite channels as easily to recognized it and punishment them . meanwhile the Iraqi legislature text on criminalization of some business within the scope of magic including a violation of the sanctity of the dead tombs the article (374) ,(373) that may resort the magicians in their business so must be added to the text in the part (8) of Iraqi penal code , part ( crimes of social) to criminalize these phenomena explicitly being become a danger touches the security of the people and threatens awareness of ordinary and steal their money .
In the absence of the text is hoped , the court should be toughen in punishment , where the death of solitary provided by the article (456) doesn’t fit to the dangerous such crime and tighten the punishment inference materials (135/2) ,(138) from a penal code and that includes the referee a number of measures precautionary including the ( expropriation and close the store and stop the person) which concern the companies ,institutions and satellites channels which the business had been exercise .

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