Ninawa :the Judiciary has Returned Holly Antique Book to a Museum of the Martoma Church for Syriac Catholic

Ninawa :the Judiciary has Returned Holly Antique Book to a Museum of the Martoma Church for Syriac Catholic

2018-09-23 11:47:00




The judges of the Ninawa Investigation Court Competent in Terrorism Cases in cooperation with the Counter Criminal Directorate are able to return the holly antique book that belongs to a museum of the martoma church for Syriac Catholic which located in Mosul from the one of Da'esh gang by ambush has been previously prepared .The deal to sell it of 300 thousand dollars  to one of the merchants in Kurdistan was failed.

Judge Raad Ahmed Moslh ,the head of Ninawa Investigation Court Competent in Terrorism Cases, said " earlier of the last month the information was received by a source of the  Ninawa Counter Criminal Directorate, this information included that  a group of accused 

offered an antique book belongs to  a church in Mosul that had been captured by Da'esh gang during its controlling the city"

Muselh added to Alqadhaa that the Mosul investigation court made the decision to file the case with one of its judges who is judge Karem Kurkis Yousif to complete the investigation under his supervision.

Muselh continued "the accident characterized legally according to the provisions of Article 4th of Anti-terrorism law No.13 of 2005 . The task team of the officers Ninawa counter criminal directorate has been immediately formed to investigate and the competent judge  provided the judicial decision."

The judge Karem Kurkis who tried the case confirmed that the plan was prepared by the judiciary and the security forces to arrest the accused .One of the security affiliates worked with them as negotiated with the accused to arrest them red-handed.

Kurkes stated "the affiliate lured three accused to ambush was prepared by the court with  Ninawa counter criminal directorate and one of the security members who was selected from Kurdistan and  is an affiliate of counter criminal directorate, deal with them to buy the book  that was offered of 300  thousand dollars . As the merchant is from Kurdistan ,the picture of the book in which one of the accused appeared holding the antique book ,  was sent.

Kurkes said "the meeting date was set in the car show area in Mosul .The accused came and met our source and after negotiation that are bargaining on the price , they agreed on 60  thousand dollars. They were arrested by the tightened ambush and seized the book.

Talking about the recording of the accused statements :they admitted that they agreed with our source to sell the antique book of  a church. They got the book from a person who  a Da'esh –affiliate who in turn get it from the Alhusba headquarter of the Da'esh"

The judge confirms "the book was lost during the Da'esh controlled Mosul  in 2014 " drawing the attention to the fact that the book has been recently presented to a Christian clerk who is the liable of the church to ensure its fact ,history, originality and belonging then the book was handed over to the representative of the above mentioned church to preserve since it is a civilized antique and has historical value , to maintain from the damage although it is a criminal evidence .and ensuring all Iraqi people that the judiciary works to protect the rights of the people , returns those rights to their owners, to counter the crime ,fight the terrorism sources and its fund .the investigation will soon complete to transmit the accused to the competent courts"

On his part the priest Majeed Hazem Ata Allah the secretary of the Syriac Catholic and the representative of the bishop of the church upholds the manuscript which was received from  the investigation court competent in terrorism cases in Telkef, belongs to a museum of the Martoma church for Syriac Catholic of our parish(Mosul , Kirkuk and Kurdistan parish for Syriac Catholic) which located in Jolak. It is a civilized and historical heritage of our predecessors and it was built in 13th  and 14th centuries.

Talking about the history of the Martoma church, he mentioned that it is a church of the Kurest Syriac Catholic sect of 1863 and it is located in Jolak . it is considered one of the most important ancient church and is famous with it’s a great and significant museum since it features with civilized heritage and antique in Mosul.

The bishop feels sorry for the condition of the church since it was damaged by the terrorist and adding the church was visited after the liberation and it was a place of ruins but it was not completely destroyed in addition to steal all its contents including the museum in full.




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