The issuance of New Issue of ( AL-Qadha'a)

The issuance of New Issue of ( AL-Qadha'a)

2018-10-09 10:41:00

Baghdad/Judiciary Media

The Media Center of Supreme Judicial Council has issued the new monthly issue of e-journal Al-Qadha'a. This issue is launched  simultaneously with entering the fourth year for its issuance.

The new issuance of October includes many reports and stories in addition to the extensively meeting with chief of Diyala Criminal Court.

The journal contains:

* Chief of Diyala Criminal Court: Our judgments put two former governors in prison.

* Foreign directors made videos (Daesh)

* The judiciary contributed to get Iraq out of blacklist FATF.

* Arrest the richest and biggest gang of kidnapping and robbery in Baghdad.

* Judges:  the majority of forgery processes are relevant to the security identity cards and the studying documents.

* Law allows the separated wife to get the temporary residence if the  divorce is irrevocable.


The journal consists of the judges essays such as:

* Fourth Anniversary for Issuance of AL-Qadhaa –The opening of judge Abdul Sattar Berqdar.

* Reveal the secrets is between the permissibility and criminalization-judge Nasser Omran.


* Black Circumstance –judge Eyad Mohsan Dhamed .







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