Two terrorists :Dir Alzour Manages Media of

Two terrorists :Dir Alzour Manages Media of "Daesh" and Foreigners Direct the Videos

2018-10-10 09:34:00

Al-Qadhaa has published the confessions of two Daesh-terrorists who have performed various tasks in Iraq and Syria although they did not engage much in the battles , they played  the great roles in logistic support  and Media.

Judge competent in trying their cases  in Central Investigation Court specialized in terrorism affairs  said that the two terrorists ,Abo Saeed and Abo Ziad, who were among fifteen terrorists were arrested in Syria by efforts of Iraqi National Intelligence Service, supervision of the competent judge and under the joint action of Syrian side.

Abo Saeed ,23, is originally Iraqi and has held Syrian nationality .He admitted before investigative judge who is competent in trying the cases of Iraqi National Intelligence Service . Confirming ,during his job, he realized how the media system of Daesh works.

The terrorist named Abo Saeed detailed that I was living in Syria and was working as a fashion designer when I met a figure who working in media unit for Daesh in ALfurat state. He convinced me of affiliating. Thus, I reiterated the allegiance before a man who gave lectures during we attended a religious course.

Abo Saeed appeared in a picture that was posted on social media wearing the outfit of Daesh ,holding PKS in his right hand and raising  his other hand to wave  the victory sign.

Syrian terrorist who is originally Iraqi says " I worked in media in AL-furat state and print the newspapers , ALnaba and worked in  Aamaq agency. in addition to print the unified leaflets and speeches for the organization . I participated in photo the murder processes committed by the organization and broadcast them.

Regarding the work mechanism , the terrorist states that the materials , leaflets and videos were sent to center media in Dir Alzour which was responsible for all issues of the organization and all media units joined to. These unites were managed by foreign experts, engineers and directors and they used advanced and high quality equipments.

Concerning  his other job  commissioned by organization, mentioning that I worked in Islamic police , traffic department , organized the transactions of people and obtain the taxes. Then he added that my left hand was injured by the aircraft  bombing  during my stationing in a checkpoint of the organization.

Responding the question what were  the motives behind  the affiliation to the terrorism , he said that my affiliating to the organization was to get rid of pursuing me because of my behavior and to enjoy the power of Daesh- affiliated. Stating "I was heroin addict and when I affiliated to the organization, it became impossible to get drug so I used medicines such tramadol and others that provided by my friend worked in a pharmacy.

The other terrorist is Abo Ziad ,43, admitted his affiliating to organization, reiterated the allegiance and the most notable actions specially he married his daughter to the supplier general in the organization.

Abo Ziad says" I was living in Hadethah district , working as shepherd and then I was working in fish trade till I affiliated to Daesh in our area when I met Ayoob who is my relative and was a leader in the organization.

The terrorist adds " my relative ,Ayoob, was close to the lawmakers in the organization. When he requested me to affiliate , I agreed directly and  reiterated what is called the allegiance that must be reiterated by everyone affiliates to organization . I reiterated before  a figure called Abi Qutada who was the mufti  of ALfurat state.

In relevant to the other step, Abo Ziad states" I  attended religious and military courses.  Then, I transfer the wounded and injured affiliated during the battles till I moved to Ninawa to be responsible for military detachment which mission was the support during the battles.

He continues " later, I was an observer of the roads to observe the movement of Iraqi military forces since I was living in this border areas. I provided the organization with  the coordinate and events"

Regarding his family, Abo Ziad says " I have 5 daughters and 5 sons. Three of whom between 14 and 20 years old were recruited and participated in many battles. I remembered that I met my eldest son during a battle in Mosul where he was killed.

"My other sons were working in Homs state in Syria and they were killed there as the organization told me " Abo Ziad says

In relevant to an alliance  with the supplier general of the organization, the terrorist reported " I married my two daughters,21,16, to members of Daesh during we were in Syria. I had married my eldest daughter to Abu Abdullah Alzubeay who was the supplier general of the organization.

" I participated in many battles with the organization against Iraqi military forces in Ninawa , the most notably were  the battles in Hay Alquds, ALfaisaliah and Mosul airport ." Abo Ziad says

The terrorist reported that I was assigned to transfer whom were recruited , the foreigners and the Arab militants from Syria and Iraq. I was transferring  them from Mikael host in Deir Alzour  to Abu Roqaia Al-Qerdash host in Mosul.

The terrorist completed the story " when the battles intensified and Iraqi military forced controlled most of the areas , we were ordered to go to Syria, actually I went to Deir Alzour in Hajin area where I was working in Alrakaz bureau in Alkheer state"

Explaining " I was moving by fake ID and letter issued by UNHCR certified that I am  a refugee but I was surprised to be arrested in a security checkpoint in Syria and then handed me over to Iraqi intelligence service.




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