The Fourth Anniversary  of the Issuance of AL-Qada'a Journal

The Fourth Anniversary of the Issuance of AL-Qada'a Journal

Judge Abdul Sattar Berqdar

2018-10-16 01:07:00

Freedom  has connected to entity of Iraq as the connection of  soul to body and the essence to the form. The  several cultural groups have developed in its shadow  and have chosen to live together in  a democratic system whose diversity and  plurality  increase the integration and the inveteracy. This country makes the justice is the basis  of rule and  entrusts  the judiciary with a serious mission of safeguarding freedoms , protecting the human rights and consolidating the rule of law.

There is no safety valve that makes human beings assure their rights and carry out their duties, just the justice which is supervised by the judges who had dedicated themselves to giving unlimitedly. Their decisions are made from the palaces of the judiciary and the depths  of the conscience to express  the message of the judiciary.

In this issue, we celebrate the fourth anniversary of e-journal AL-Qadha'a to be a spirit of the transparency of the path of the Supreme Judicial Council so that its work will not be closed or impenetrable for who seek to identify the judiciary and its role. It provides information about the tasks, activities and initiatives of the council in order to enhance the confidence between the judiciary and the community and  on other hand between the judge and the citizen.

It also provides opportunity to view the behavior and the manner of the judges as they do their tasks or live their life. This anniversary is an occasion to reflect the meaning of the  message of each judge and to stress that all judges compose  a body which considers the collective work is the base to deliver each oppressed, each lost and each seeker right in the dark and raving sea, to the shore of justice.

I encourage you to visit all pages of this journal in order to take advantage of the information posted on them  and I invite you not to withhold your proposals that can improve its services.

 To judges who visit this journal, we say that the Supreme Judicial Council according to its clear responsibilities and its keenness of justice, is  always ready to support any of you to protect the freedom and needed independence in order to enable the judge to response the requirements of people and to serve the litigants at the best manner. in order to make communication easy and available in all circumstances, we hope to contribute to the crystallization the image of the ideal judge, to unify the efforts to achieve more powerful  judiciary , to honor the martyrs of the justice and to pledge the follow-up to the message. We will write engraved words in your memory , in the heart and in the mind of every judge. we also renew our commitment to this day.

You lived,, long live justice and long live Iraq

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