DNA and  its authenticity to Prove of parentage

DNA and its authenticity to Prove of parentage

Judge Ali Kamal

2018-10-25 12:05:00




The theme of the DNA is an  important subject  in various field. Heed to the words of God Almighty "soon will we show them our signs in the regions and in their own souls , until it manifest to them that this is the truth . is not enough that thy lord doth witness all things" the modern science has proved that,  based on humans scientific discoveries and possession of the modern devices and innovative techniques in the best systems and laws and numerous of researches go deeply in sea of  science in all fields ,including the scientific facts and the future of cosmic issues have been renewed their discovery till judgment day to  prove the achievements of the modern science .

The holy Quran referred to the importance of the consideration and researches in the secrets of the human soul and whole universe and found that serious and sensitive the subject because of the consequences of serious affect on the society and the social relations and the Islam should care about proportions and magnifies and create the reasons to  achieve his aim of the composition of the straight family which feel pride and away from any addition and delete to her legitimate members because of that the Islamic law preserve the descent from loss and laying and counterfeiting of the descent of the really pays himself from loss and preserve the right of his mother from loss or scandal and keep the right of his father and his son from every dynastic until the family establish itself and linking the members of the family in a strong bound since it share the same blood and one common asset .     

The meaning of ( the parentage ) is the affiliation the  ( boy or girl)  to his/her father and consequent of obligation of fathers affection of the child and his up brining and education him until to be  adult . also it indicates the respect  and take care of his father at his old age and in heritance between them as well as the right of the child to take nationality of his father . 

Since the rations of the child from his mother is fixed in all cases of legitimate or illegal birth that the confirmation or denied of the rations of the child from his father didn’t make the legislator his reason in certain cases , and the cases of descent are (confirmation of the proportions in marriage and recognition or evidence ,At the present time , DNA became among the evidences that prove descent.

Although it was among the evidences to prove the descent and denial contained in Islamic law because it wasn't  known at that time as it was discovered recently so there is no justification not to be taken in the present day , because it isn’t mentioned in Islamic law with all this scientific a great progress in all life fields in the universe , human and life.

But there is no contradiction between the  words of God  in a holly Quran and the prophetic Sunnah and  the rule and the scientific constant  , but the holly Quran has touched on a set of scientific facts that  have been discovered by modern science and found it very accurate whether it was in field of the stages of the agglomeration and its creation and  create the universe and its basic elements and so on , this is another proof of the existence of God and the truth of His message.

Despite the progress of science and the emergence of contemporary problems , this is another proof of the validity of this law and its universality and its ability to survive , to continue and to keep up with the times however developed and progress .

God has made people nation and tribes God said " Omen ! behold ,we have created you all out of a male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of him ,behold ,God is all knowing , all aware "  and the people doesn’t achieve the knowing nation and tribes unless knowing the parentage and preserves  it from suspicion and mixing and about that the Islam is regulate the relationship between man and woman to ensure the safety of the parentages , so the Islam denied all sexual contact doesn’t have legitimate assets protect , man and woman the consequent of this communication of the effect and what is produced  the children and the revoke all kinds of relations that have been encountered by some nations and people that deviated from the laws of God . The Islam has been allow only the relationship based on legitimate marriage conditions . 

God said " and those who guard their private parties except from their wives and their right hand possessions for then , they are from blame ,but whoever seeks beyond that ,then those are the transgressors "  The modern scientific means imposed themselves in cases of parentage  which were not known among the evidences of the Islamic and the law and proved its existence ,although it importance in issues of descent . where the twentieth century witnessed the development in the science of technology in general and in medicine especially. the obvious effect in the field of judicial evidence which is clearly reflected in the development of biogeography  science and the discovery of the human genome ,which was one of the most important result of the DNA. it is undoubtedly a serious scientific discovery that is not contrary to Islamic law and appeared at the beginning of the twentieth  century

 The cases of DNA is one of the new issues in which the scholars of the age differed and argued in the fields that benefit them .

It has been used common in western countries and has been accepted by a numbers of European courts . It has recently been adopted by the Islamic countries , the letter characterized by its qualities and composition from other souls and its relationship with the human family.




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