A missing ID leads to know the accused of  an armed attack on the officers in Diyala

A missing ID leads to know the accused of an armed attack on the officers in Diyala

2018-10-28 12:30:00

Diyala/ Enas Jabbar

The dropping  of ID card of an accused in crime scene lead to arrest  and extradite him to investigative and judicial bodies. Based on the investigations and enquiries, the court sentenced him to death by hanging due to the leading  armed attack on the civil car of officers of the Directorate of Nationality and Personal Status in Diyala.

In Al-Kana´n district near a stream named Slaw stream at 3p.m , sliver Opel car in which gunmen shot a Mark car was rid by officers who are affiliated with Directorate of Nationality and Prsonal Status in Diyala when they returned home.

The exchange of the fire between the terrorist militants and the officer result in killing two officers and injury the other who was survived.

When the gunmen withdraw the victims from the car ,  the ID card of a terrorist dropped. This ID card was original, registered by his name and his photo fixed on in addition to the vehicle registration  And a vehicle procurement contract. Thus led to arrest the criminals.

The plaintiffs request the complaint against the accused. The statements of the representative of the Directorate  of Nationality and Travel in Diyala are written down  and the representative certified the incident and requested the complaint and compensation .

The accused admitted before the investigating official that he is affiliated to armed organization and participated in many terrorist actions such as the attack  on the officers of the Directorate of Nationality , stole and sold their car type Mark in order to fund their processes.

After writing down the statements and confessions in preliminary and judicial investigations , the accused retracted the confessions. But the obtained evidences, the detailed confessions , the facts of the case , the conformity of the details of time and location of the incident and the eyewitness of the complainant are all enough and satisfaction evidences for criminalization according to  article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law.

Diyala Criminal Court sentenced the criminal to death by hanging in accordance with article 4 and pursuant to article 2nd/1,5 of Anti-Terrorism Law No. (13) of 2005 because of his attack the vehicle of the victims in Al-Kan̒n district, Slaw stream. 

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