Judge Abdul Sattar Berqder

2018-11-12 01:11:00

There are many updated crimes that use the modern tech means and methods have not been known by our society. Thus discovers the noted transfer either in  the images and the patterns of the crimes , in the perpetrators or in the means of their commission particularly in respect with the cybercrime.

The cybercrime is a global phenomenon which all the countries of the world, Iraq among them,  suffer from . This crime is represented by cheat and fraud which appear in the ability of the perpetrators to convince the victims that the crimes are ordinary and legal. Also they characterized by  the  growing complication that lead to  obstruct the process of discovering them or even  to prosecute  the perpetrators and to punish them  since they are  very able to hide them in addition to the shortage of the legislation to address.

In spite of the important role of IT and the communication in daily life but the cybercrime ,especially the terrorism, has increased during last period. It carries  unimaginable risks in respect with the threat the  security. It  is enough to know that by one touch ,a person or many persons can cause the considerable losses for the individual or institutions or even the big companies and also they can threaten the security and stability of the society.

The terrorism is more than explosions. However, the scope of the   electronic war is broader since it can invade the productive and service institutions , banks and the radio and television broadcasters. The cybercrimes have become very dangerous  by placing sensors or cybercrime in the wireless interferences of the network . This network help the individuals, who have criminal tendencies on one side and the skills of  misuse it on other side, to  commit the old crimes by modern  and creative tech ways such as cheat , fraud and human trafficking ….etc. The network  regards other field to exercise the criminal actions and causes many obstacles requested new, creative and quick solutions and also needs a team from all institutions thus giving a crucial importance for training the specialists and providing the  instruments and the actual qualifications to collect and to analyze the data of the computer and international information network in order to acquire the skills and evidences that enable them to determine the criminal action.

Finding and addressing such crimes are still a complicated due to the scientific technologies of the network pirates. The danger of this crime  resides in the huge loss. So it is needed the engagement of the legislative authority to criminalize such acts and simultaneously to search for the tech developments to reduce such crimes. 

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