Leader in the ISIS : We received orders early 2018 to return to Iraq to hit elected targets

Leader in the ISIS : We received orders early 2018 to return to Iraq to hit elected targets

2018-11-15 10:46:00




Baghdad – Saif Mohammed

The organization has chosen him to be a leader of the major battalions in Fallujah State for its short-term visibility and effective role in preventing Iraqi military forces from advancing towards the city.

“ Abu Najim “  so-called by ISIS terrorist, reveals to the "judiciary" many secrets about the Fallujah stateand the role of the leaders of the organization in sit-in squares and the reasons that prompted the organization to move towards Al Qa”am by a convoy composed of nearly 2000 vehicles , which was bombed by the Army Air Force, Confirming that they received orders after the emancipation specifically early 2018 , back from Syria to Iraq and configure the host outside the cities in order to form military detachments and to perform operations against pre-elected targets .

(Kamel Talal Al-Issawi), 32 years old , has appeared before the Iraqi judiciary accused and has testified before the investigating judge competent in trying the cases of the investigative commission in Baghdad operations command( B.O.C ) .

The terrorist says I used to work as a farmer  , before joining the Organization  by two people who are affiliated with the Mujahedeen Army before they are pledge to affiliate  to ISIS , I met them in prison when I was arrested on charges of affiliation  to terrorist organizations before ISIS appeared . Stressing that the two persons had taken a pledge from me to affiliate to them and fight Iraqi forces after I leave prison.

The Sit-in Squares :

Al-Issawi added after my release from the prison, the demonstrations were against the government or what was known as the sit-in squares , it began in Fallujah and Anbar and most of the organization's leaders were involved in those sit-ins and they have played a major role in urging young people to participate in them for the purpose of overthrowing the government, and I has participated in actively.

He continues “during that time, Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi announced the formation of a ISIS organization (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ) which has taken control over a large number of areas in Syria, Libya, Somalia and Afghanistan , as a result of this and the disruption of the security situation due to sit-ins Fallujah and Karma were controlled by the organization and control over most of the government headquarters and seize arms and ammunition which were in military  barracks of the Iraqi army according to the novel Abu Najim .

His affiliation with ISIS :

Abu Najim Says “two people I met in prison came to my house and where they were pledge fealty to the organization. One was an administrative officer of Al- Tawheed battalion in the state of Fallujah, and the other one was a prince of Karma district, and they suggested  me to affiliate  to the organization and indeed I affiliated with and repeated the allegiance before  the legitimate man of Karma state who is named Judge Abu Muhammad .

The terrorist talks about the state of Fallujah and how to manage it , pointing out that the state of Fallujah consists of several districts which are the Karma district , Al Rashad district , Al Liheeb district , Al Sibihat district , Al Abadi district , Al Sajar district and Al Dakhel district , they were  run by the state governor ( Al Wali ) nickname is Abu Omar al-Khalifawi, the military man of the  state nickname Abu Tiba , the security man of the  state Abu Hassan ,general legitimate man of the state Abu Khatab and the administrator of the state Abu Yaqeen .

He went on “I was assigned by (Al –Wali ) of Al Fallujah to work within military detachments forAl- Tawheed battalion, which were distributed as military posts along the frontline with Iraqi military forces The mission was to repel the attack and  to prevent these forces to progress.

Al-Issawi says the ISIS organization controlled all government buildings and institutions , also confiscated property belonging to members of the security forcesand announced statements requesting  the members of the security forces of Fallujah and surrounding villages to go to the mosques , providing  the repentance and delivering  their weapons . The mosques began to encourage people to join the ranks of the organization.

He said the ISIS organization had begun to expand and control the areas adjacent to Fallujah and to the areas adjacent to the capital city , the Iraqi forces were trying to advance, but we are confronting them and preventing them from advancing .

Leader of Al- Tawheed battalion :

After the active role of the accused Kamel Talal in addressing the progress of Iraqi military forces and his prominence in short time he was  appointed as commander of Al- Tawheed  battalion in the state of Fallujah, after having been notified by the military commander general of Karma district he was appointed by the state Wail .

The terrorist explains that Al- Tawheed battalion included several points along the frontline with the military , its missions were to stop  and prevent any progress. The battalion consisted  of (70-80 ) fighter who  were working  under my command . Also  I had detachments including the  vehicles carrying heavy weapons , guns support detachments and mortar detachments that  working to block the advance of the forces .  

Pulling out with a large convoy :

Abu Najim is mentioned that  after the intensive combat ,the ISIS organization called its fighters from the south and north states of Baghdad . However, the military continued to advance and we were surrounded inside Fallujah ,were bombed by aircraft causing heavy losses so that the orders were issued to pullout to Al Qa’am .

He  mentioned that  a convoy was supplied with 2,000 to 2,500 vehicles loaded with weapons, supplies and food to go to Al Qa’am.

The terrorist reveals that the convoy was led by the Al Wali of Al Fallujah state,  I was in a vehicle in the middle of the large convoy. Actuality we moved at 8 pm to  Qa’am but we stopped in the area of Al-Razaza for the difficulty of crossing the road .Being a slippery waterway until we provide an alternate route.

 However, we were surprised that we were bombed by Iraqi aircraft belonging to the air force. The middle of the convoy was bombed and then the front. The bombing continued until morning of the second day , nearly 800 fighters were killed and I was injured in the head and left hand area and I and whoever survived of this convoy were  able to escape to go to Al Qa’am . I stayed there until my health was restored , then moved to the Syrian, area of Albu Kamal according to the terrorist's confession.

Orders to return :

The terrorist confessed that  was written in by the investigating judge after the end of liberation operations and the control Iraqi military forces over all areas and cities which was controlled by the ISIS organization a new Wali was appointed to Fallujah during our stay in Syria .

Abu Najim reveals , we received orders from the new Wali in early 2018 and after the Iraqi forces control all cities. These orders stated to return to Iraq, specifically to Karma district  to formation host  outside the cities and formation military detachments to carry out operations against selected targets which were  military sites and members of the security forces .

Confirming that we had been able to return and to form a military detachment. I called my brother, who had been affiliated to the ISIS organization but he did not leave Iraq because no one knows that he was affiliated to ISIS and I asked him to bring weapons and equipment to us which we had hidden before we left Iraq including  a silencer, explosives , medium weapons , periscope and cameras .

The terrorist reveals that the security forces were able to discover the matter and we tried to smuggle the weapons  to north Iraq and then to Turkey, but the attempt failed due to inability to enter Turkey and then returned to Anbar where was arrested .




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