The Judicial Efforts Overthrow the Gangs of Kidnapping and their Members Face (638) Sentences to Death and to  Life Imprisonment

The Judicial Efforts Overthrow the Gangs of Kidnapping and their Members Face (638) Sentences to Death and to Life Imprisonment

2018-11-19 01:16:00

Baghdad/Saif Mohammed 

The crimes of the kidnap in Baghdad , the capital , posed a serious risk in the last periods till they became the real threat to the citizens but the rapid judiciary efforts contributed to overthrow a lot of these gangs , some of which  posed as the security services.

The judiciary authorizes Central Investigation Court competent in terrorist cases and organized crimes to investigate these crimes. After the exceptional work in cooperation with security cells, the judicial efforts led to decline  the organized kidnap crimes in Baghdad by 100%. According to judge Jabbar Abd Dali.

Abd Dali,judge competent in cases of Anti-Kidnap Cell and Investigative Commission in Baghdad Operations Command(B.O.C), clarifies that the judgments have issued against the members of these gangs  are capital punishment. Pointing that most of kidnapping were in Rusafa side in the capital.

Judge Abd Dali says that the Anti-Kidnap Cell consists of the representatives of all intelligence services and headed by an officer of B.O.C. This cell associated to the investigative commission in the same command and under the supervision of the investigative judge.

He added that these crimes increased in Baghdad last periods for many reasons including the insecurity following the ISIL- invasion of several cities, engagement of the security forces in the battles against the terrorism and enacting Amnesty Law which has passed recently. The judge  keeps on that Amnesty Law includes the kidnap crimes , this led to release most of perpetrators of these offences and form  competent gangs till amending this law to exclude these offences but the period between the issuance and amending this law is enough to release a lot of convicted.

He confirms that the cell overthrew (374) accused who formed organized  gang of kidnap. The rate of the members of the gang is between (3-14) member and (638) judgments have been issued against them by the criminal courts since each accused committed more than a crime. Most of these sentences are to death by hanging  by 90% while the rest were to life imprisonment. This result in declining the rate of these crimes considerably in the capital.

Judge abd dali refers that the  cell overthrew many of organized gangs and (148) accused were arrested in 2015. This led to decline the number of the accused who were arrested in 2016 to (85) that means the crime declined by 50%. Pointing that most of the arrests of accused accompanied by releasing the abducted person or the victim.

He explains that when the crime declines the Supreme Judicial Council issued circulation to consider the kidnap cases in Rusafa by Rusafa First Investigation Court and in Al-Karkh by Central Investigation Court so that the tasks have been distributed without limiting the investigation of these crimes by Anti- Kidnap Cell.

The judge added that Supreme Judicial Council issued a new circulation by which authorized Anti-Kidnap Cell associated to the Investigation Commission of B.O.C to investigate the offences with financial blackmail motives or terrorist motives and under the supervision of the investigative judge of Central Investigation Court.

Abd Dali mentioned that the cell started its tasks and arrested (107)accused in 2017. The members of these gangs are between (3-14)members and this contributed to reduce the rate of the crime to be number of the arrested accused were(34) in 2018 .

The judge confirms that the last gang of kidnap was arrested in June 2018. Since then the crimes decline by 100% in Baghdad. He clarified that the kidnapping are numbered , are not organized and they are for different reasons.

The judge completes that some gangs posed as the security services since they wore the military uniform and held the weapons and fake ID. They also used four-wheel drive and tinted vehicles which enable them to pass the checkpoints.

He drew attention that many kidnapping occurred in Rusafa side in the capital by 90% and the rest in Al-Karkh. The victims were chosen by popularly named (Alas) is a person who gives information about , follows and observes the victim.

Abd Dali divides the gangs of kidnapping into kinds: the organized gangs of kidnap used advanced manners and abilities, the other searches for the financial resource by committing the criminal offences among which is the kidnap.

He referred that the purpose of most of kidnapping is the financial blackmail and the required amount was between $(50) thousand to$ (1) million and most of arrests accompanied by releasing the abducted person or the victim. This depends on notifying about the kidnapping directly by the victim's family as soon as possible. All procedures are taken and following the criminals by very advanced technical abilities and methods.

The judge review the role of the judiciary by saying the special efforts of the judiciary represented by direct supervision, instruction and following up with security services. It also investigates these cases, takes all procedures and refers the accused to competent courts to sentence them fairly.

The judge call on the citizens to tell the kidnap cell associated to the investigative commission of B.O.C about the kidnapping as soon as possible in order to arrest the kidnappers and release the victim.  

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