Denis Michel Iraqis Honored Me  The Judiciary Releases a German Whose Hobby Involved Him of Illegally Entering Iraq

Denis Michel Iraqis Honored Me The Judiciary Releases a German Whose Hobby Involved Him of Illegally Entering Iraq

2018-12-03 10:27:00

Baghdad/Mohammed Sami
Al-Karkh Investigation Court competent in the terrorist cases released a German young who had been arrested at the border crossings to be suspected of affiliation to the terrorist organizations by the security forces.
Denis Michel told his story to the reporter of the (Newspaper of the Judiciary) that he is 26 year-old , single, holding junior certificate, works at a basketball club as a physical therapy and he activate at the social media and is known by his hobby which is the travel overland between the states of the world without money.
The beginning of the trip started in last September when he left his country to Austria.
At first, I traveled to Austria in particularly its capital Vienna and I stayed there for one day. Next day I traveled to the Republic of Hungary  for one day after that to Serbia for two days .ًDenis says.
Continuing after Serbia I went to the Republic of Bulgaria where I stayed for two days. He indicated the reason of his stayed there for short time is the counties are European and the atmosphere similar to his country.
the new destination was Turkey which was the gate to the east and Arab countries. I was there for several days ,three days in Istanbul later I went to Adana in southern Turkey. The third station is Silvia Ajjo area where I tried to go the Lebanon by sea but I couldn't since I did not own the money for the ticket . Denis mentioned.
I changed my destination and went back to Adana then to Antakya where I spent two days and then into Maldin which is famous for its religious tourist landmarks . Then I got to know Abdul Fattah , a young Turkish man who is about ten years old and fluent in English since I can speak English well in addition to my mother tongue, German, the communication with him was easy.
Abdul Fattah helped me ,companied me to a restaurant where he worked and provide me a job in the same place .This restaurant was near to mosque. I continued talk to him about day. In the context of talking about Islam, he asked me if you would like to convert to Islam and I said yes without any thinking. He touch me the witness in addition to the ablution, pray and the primaries of Islam. Denis says
He keep on saying ً I told them my next destination is Iraq but their response don't go because of the security situation but I insisted. Actually I traveled by bus to Erbil on 18-9-2018 after I had gotten visa at the border crossing between Iraq and Turkey.
Michel added ً when I reached Erbil I went directly to car station to go to Baghdad by GMC . On the road there were checkpoints by the Iraqi forces . They checked me and my passport after checking , they allowed me to pass. We arrived to Baghdad. Specifically in Al-Karrada at 10 am.
After contacting one of my friends , he transferred 50 Euros to a company (Wester Union) when I went to a company they refused to give me the money because the passport term ended therefore I have to renew. I was in serious disaster since I have no money. I went to a restaurant and asked him to work for my food. He refused but gave me food for nothing.
At night but I had no shelter so I slept in a building under the construction. In the morning I looked for place through Google earth site. I found five-star hotel called (Coral Hotel). I asked them to have shower , they helped me and gave me a sum of money and talk to security forces to help me to deduce the German embassy.
I went to the embassy and renewed the passport then I wandered in Baghdad and went to hotel in Al-Karrada where helped me, allow me to stay and offered food and drink. In the morning I wandered in Baghdad to watch the life there. What I heard from my Turkish friends is different from what I had seen since life was good and not unlike the places I has visited.
When I was on my way , I met a young works as driver and he speaks English well. He took me to his house in Salhia and offered me food. He hosted me at his home till morning and took me to the embassy in Al-Mansour. because the embassy was closed ,they asked me to come next day.
He recalled I had went over to embassy for three days and I lived, ate and drank in the house of the young till my passport was issued . later he booked a ticket to Jordan overland . on 27-9-2018 I drove  by car (GMC) and when I reached at the border Trebil, Iraqi security forces prevented me to cross.
The security forces checked my luggage and my passport and then arrested me on suspicion of affiliation with terrorist organizations. They took me to a headquarter of a security services and then presented to investigative judge.
The investigative judge competent in trying the terrorist cases at Al-Karkh Appeal Court said that through the investigation , approach German embassy and the border crossings and talk to witnesses turned out that Denis legally entered Iraq and his activity was tourism as amateur to identify cultures and countries . he was released  because he did not commit any crime .Finally he talked about the hospitality and the positive treatment by people.

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