Wally Kirkuk Abu Hamza al-Kurdi :We Toured the Prisoners of the Pashmerga in  Cages to Raise the Morale of Our Fighters

Wally Kirkuk Abu Hamza al-Kurdi :We Toured the Prisoners of the Pashmerga in Cages to Raise the Morale of Our Fighters

2018-12-11 10:49:00

Baghdad – Saif Mohammed

Wally Kirkuk appeared before the Iraqi judiciary facing many terrorist charges , Abu Hamza al-Kurdi, as ISIL called him. The leader of the terrorist organization trusted him and became one of his favorite .  After occupying the position as wally of northern Baghdad and his successful operations that carried out in his sector , caliph admired him and gave him amount of money then he was assigned as wally Kirkuk.

As he was previously  an officer at the military security , he was the mastermind of multiple operations that carried out in Baghdad , supervised the training and preparing the military plans for the organization. He also supervised the capture many officers and members of Pasgmerga  forces in Kirkuk hub ,put them in iron cages and pictured them when they toured them  in Kirkuk attributed to the losses suffered by the organization and the morale of its fighters. He moved to Syria to work in military administration of the bureau of soldiers.

Abu Hamza al-Kurdi is 45 year-old , was graduated of national security college,14th  course, in 1992  and he was assigned an officer in second legion in the directorate of military security. Then he returned to work as major at the Ministry of Interior in 2004.Having a military experience was qualified him to be a leader. The organization succeeded in recruiting him after the Americans arrested him and placed in Cropper Prison till he met the  accused, Abu Zeid . he met the same person in al-Mashahda area north of  Baghdad after he was released.

He confessed before Al-Karkh Investigation Court competent in terrorist cases that Abu Zeid asked me to affiliate to ISIL ,specifically to the northern state  of Baghdad since he was one on the leaders there and asked me to repeat the special allegiance that should be repeated by who  is affiliated to the organization.

Adding , I recited the allegiance and was appointed  as the deputy of repentances official in the northern state of Baghdad . The elements of the organization who was working at the security and military forces, should repent before me, declared the disowning completely and handed over what they have to the organization. 

Keeping on , I was appointed as the military wally for the northern state of Baghdad because I was an officer and I had adequate military  experience then I was appointed as wally of northern state of Baghdad , by the official of mandated committee in Emirate of Islamic state who was called Abu Muslim al-Shishani.

The investigative judge competent in hearing the cases of Iraqi National Service says, in the criminal operations that targeted  Baghdad and the terrorist ,abu Hamza al-Kurdi was the mastermind of several of them due to his military experience.

After he was appointed as wally of northern state of Baghdad, he prepared military plans  . he also establish the curriculum to teach the fighters how to use small and medium weapons and making the explosive devices. The investigative judge adds.

I met Abu Baker al-Baghdadi in meeting of all governors of Islamic Emirate. The meeting was held in Nineveh for two days. I present the significant obstacles and the need to urge the citizens to affiliate with the organization. Abu Hamza said.

Then Abu Baker met me alone and ask me to submit the mandated committee  monthly reports to view the work and the achievements  of the state. In the meantime ,gave amount of money as  reward for the achievements in the northern state of Baghdad.


His Appointment Wally of Kirkuk

I was assigned wally of Kirkuk since the former wally was injured by the bombing of Iraqi army aircraft. I established headquarters in Hawija. However, the state consisted of four sectors: Hawija, Riyadh, Rashad and Daqoq as well as Qadisiyah military division which became under the jurisdiction of Kirkuk.

New military detachments and sites was established and set plans and curriculum to train the fighters and provide the small , medium and heavy weapons to attach and control the areas of Kirkuk and Anbar in addition to oil fields.

I issued many military orders such as fight Pashmerga forces in the adjacent areas to the state of Kirkuk in order to reduce the progress of these forces. In this battle, we used various weapons as well as vehicle bomb and seven hundred fighters involved. The organization suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.

During the battle eighteen officers and members of Kurdish Bashmerga were captured and then they and other three prisoners  were placed in iron cages , wearing clothes of prisoners , touring them in Hawija district  and captured them in order to raise the morale of the fighters  then we transferred the prisoners to Nineveh for fear of air dislocations which carried out by Iraqi military forces and Beshmerga.

He continued " issued orders to target Al-Bashir village by booby-trapped car and mortar shells . These attacks were document to publish an issue flag.

His move to Syria

The terrorist said " I was transferred to Syria to work at the military management of the bureau of soldiers in al-Rraqqa state and Haji Abdul Nasser Qrdash, the official of the mandated committee in the state of organization in Syria,   assigned  me as a member of it.

I was appointed as the official of the camps of the bureau of soldiers. My job was arrangement the curriculum and preparing and unifying  the training course  in all camps in addition to set the military plans and impose the control over the volunteer offices .

I was assigned in administrative position of the bureau of soldiers. I was tasked with overseeing all administrative divisions and holding the accountable the commanders of sectors and battalions ,who don't comply with orders . After that I was transferred to Central Office for Management and Economy.

I was later appointed  a leader of al-Qaqaa regiment which was directly linked mandated committee . I reorganized its structure. The assignments of it were to carry out the operations in Syrian territory.

The organization suffered severe losses and lost most of controlled areas . the differences between the caliph and members of the mandated committee therefore caliph Abu Baker al-Baghdadi ordered the imprisonment all the members and turn them to soldiers in the military detachments.

Arrest the terrorist

Number of members of the organization and I  illegally  moved to Turkey where I live to obtain the legal residence but I was arrested and appeared before the court. Then a decision was made to exclude me to Iraqi territory. Following , I was arrested by Iraqi Intelligence Service in Baghdad.




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