E-Blackmail Crime

E-Blackmail Crime

Judge Kadhem Abd Jassim al-Zaidi

2018-12-23 12:53:00




The massive improvement which becomes clear in the modern technologies, tech revolution and the increasing of the users of the technology and modern devices whether are natural personalities or bodies or legal entities contribute to appear a new category of the criminal associated to technology . The e-blackmail crime is one of them.

Recently, The proportion of committing this crime increases, in particular this crime and the means and ways of carrying out are  different from the rest traditional crimes this leads to reflect this exclusiveness on the contain of laws to come in line with nature, information and impacts of the crime. The e-blackmail crime is an image of the cybercrime.

The term electronic describes the idea that the crime is done via the modern technology. These crimes targets the individuals or groups in purpose of defamation of the victim or direct or indirect material or psychological hurt by using the communication nets such as e-mail ,mobile and computer. E-blackmail crime is a result of negative use of tech revolution that the world has witnessed and it is undesirable impact  of the scientific progress. This crime is exerted pressure on victim by the perpetrator to publish information or photos or records which the victim doesn't want to be viewed by people.

E-blackmail crime is a threat a person to enforce him /her to do or to refrain an act even doing or refraining an act is legal. There are different types and images of this crime and the victims, target and the motive are different as well. It may be targeted the legal entities like companies and the institutions and it may target the minors via threating them to  publish photos or optical records or chats or any other material. The perpetrator uses the young age and lack of experience of the minors. The targeted person could be a woman and this kind of e-blackmail is the most familiar and most widespread by extortion to publish scandal photos or conversation anti-chastity. The man can be the targeted via exploiting the communication means to get photo or videos  and then threating to publish for defamation or attacks on honor . The motive of e-blackmail can be material or ethical or emotional. It is dangerous  and affect the security of the society in addition to its impact on the social aspects since it leads to family separation and divorce and the lack of trust as well as the psychological affects (worry, terrify and misery). It is difficult to prove this crime because it is modern and the perpetrator uses the advanced technology so that we believe that the punishment shall be heavier , shall issue special legislative and shall go beyond the sentence provided for in Iraqi Penal Code No.(111)of 1969 . It is also necessary to confirm the developing of the research methods  for perpetrators because of the dangerous of this crime throughout the society.




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