Arabic Language and Judiciary

Arabic Language and Judiciary

Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar

2019-01-14 10:10:00

The Arabic language has had great significance in the march of civilizations with its characteristics of heritage in its composition, integrity of its origins, its rich vocabulary and its openness to development, these characteristics made it  honor the descent of the Koran, a miracle of immortality of guidance and eloquence and the values of right and good so as to continue its development, reveals the renaissance of the nation.
And their importance increases whether it is relied upon in education ,the media,  jurisprudence, legislation, judiciary,... etc.
Therefore the Language is the bridge through which we pass through the civilization of the nations and their cultural, legal and cultural heritage.
Since judicial decisions are a title of truth and because language is the means of delivery and communication,taking care of the language in judicial decisions  is important, the importance of the truth itself ,the truth in the judgments is expressed in the language as the judicial rulings explain the legal texts in case they apply to the facts, indeed, logic is often the means of persuasion and conviction in the content of the judicial judgment that logic, if the language is not sound, it will not fulfill its mission.
The work of the rules of persuasion and conviction is the one that confers real credibility to the judicial decisions and are based mainly on the employment of the safest and most correct in drafting sentences, this wording represents the picture in which the findings of the court are convinced, the wording thus expresses the convictions of the Court and often cases of judicial and procedural errors that should not be the result of the loss of such knowledge, it should not be because of the loss of this knowledge and does not mean that the judge or the project is reluctant to master the language of the second in addition to the language of origin, but the contrary is desirable and advisable in the rehabilitation, because this is to inform him of the other experiences and benefit from their culture, just because it expands the perception and strengthens the analysis and comparison ,hence, mastering the Arabic language was the most basic skill required to be provided by those who practice the judiciary and legislation, perhaps our Arabic language is one of the strongest languages in expression and persuasion. Since the process of reasoning and reasoning is aimed at a great deal of persuasion, the achievement of this goal can only be achieved by using the level and strength of language.

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