The Judiciary Announces Toll of Arrested Demonstrators ‎

The Judiciary Announces Toll of Arrested Demonstrators ‎

2019-10-17 08:57:00

Baghdad/Judiciary Media

In accordance with directives of President of the Supreme Judicial Council, judge Faiq Zidan and in line with initiative of  the Prime Minister regarding the cases of demonstrations, the judiciary announced the final toll of cases of arrested demonstrators, an official spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council , judge Abdul Sattar Berqdar revealed .

The toll of Presidency of Karkh Appeal was 13 detainees on cases of burning army's vehicles , theft gun of soldier and assaulting members of security  forces , the spokesman confirmed

The outcome of     Presidency of Baghdad/Rusafa Appeal was 3 detainees to burn hummer and seize incediaries and narcotic pills. The statistic of Presidency of Babylon Appeal was 3 detainees to throw a hand grenade on district administrator of Mahawel. Finally, the statistic of Presidency of Dhi Qar Appeal was 2 detainees to find in their possession of homemade bombs(Molotov), he added.

The rest of appeal courts don't provide any toll of detainees on demonstrations. 

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