President of the Supreme Judicial Council Meets with Members of Central Anti-Corruption Court

President of the Supreme Judicial Council Meets with Members of Central Anti-Corruption Court

2019-11-03 10:33:00

Baghdad/Judiciary Media

The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, judge Faiq Zidan , met with members of central anti-administrative corruption court in presence of Chief Public Prosecutors , Head of Judicial Supervision Commission and Supervisor the Media Center.

 A statement of the Media Center of the  Supreme Judicial Council said The attendees discussed the best way to success the work of court and concluded the following outcomes:

1-  the judiciary will play its role when Commission of Integrity will file cases before the court specialized in cases of the commission so that the central anti-corruption court is still waiting commission of integrity to file cases regarding numbers of offices holders that the Prime Minster has recently revealed.

2- The number of cases has been resolved by the court and has been filed by Commission of Integrity is very large. Most defendants are covered by Amnesty Act after paying money and the ministries and department not associated with a ministry compromise the defendants. The rate of resolved cases that Commission of Integrity has filed before the courts is 75%.

3- The need to be careful when discussing the role of the judiciary in anti-corruption and confirmation that it depends on evidence according to law to convict defendants submitted by  the investigators at Commission of Integrity so that the Supreme Judicial Council invites some of those convey a false image to interested parties  in the society whether religious and political authorities or nongovernmental organizations or media to take into account the honesty , truthfulness and objective in conveying the real image and blame the failure to counter corruption on the Judiciary under false pretexts. The attendees also stress that the Supreme Judicial Council invites the recipients information to use accurate information about what is conveyed to them by requesting the names of defendants and the type of cases in order to give clear image and identify the imbalances in anti-corruption.

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