Supreme Judicial Council Selects Members of Electoral Commission ‎Council ‎

Supreme Judicial Council Selects Members of Electoral Commission ‎Council ‎

2020-01-09 08:13:00

Baghdad/Judiciary Media

On Monday, Supreme Judicial Council held ballot to select members of Electoral Commission Council in presence of the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, judge Faiq Zidan , Chief of Public Prosecution , judge Mowafaq al-Obeidi , Head of Judicial Supervision Commission , judge Jassem Mohammed Aboud , the Deputy Representative of UN Secretary-General Ms. Alice Walpole and media.

The ballot  ,was supervised by the UN Representatives , resulted in the win of five judges representing all of Iraqi provinces except Kurdistan region. The judges are Abas Farhan Hassan, Jalil Adnan Khalif, Amer Mousa Mohammed , Fayyad Hussein Yassin and Ali Rashid  ,  a statement of the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council reported.

The ballot led to the win of the advisers Inaam Yassin Mohammed and Fatah Mohammed Yassin for the State Council. However, the ballot regarding judges of Kurdistan region who are two according to law , has not been  held because the Judiciary Council in Kurdistan  did not send the candidates for this task.

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