2020-07-07 09:29:00

The Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council has made clear that Rusafa investigation court competent in terrorism cases completed the investigation with ex-minister of finance , Rafa Al-Issawi,  following he had surrounded to competent  investigation bodies and had denied what was attributed to him. A decision was issued regarding release and temporarily closing the cases filed against him pursuant to the provisions of article(130/b) of Criminal Procedure Code as the only evidence against him is the testimony of an accused who changed his statement when it was written down as witness in a case of Rafa Al-Issawi after it is separated from the general one in accordance with article(125) of Criminal Procedure Code so that there is no longer evidences in these cases of which he was accused according to Anti-Terrorism Act.

The challenge sentences in absentia that were issued in accordance with law was accepted and released him on bail of guarantor  who pledged to bring him before the court. A date for his trial has been set pursuant to article(247) of Criminal Procedure Code whereas the court will check the facts and evidences of the case and discuss them with administrative and investigative bodies  in presence of the accused , his lawyer and the complainants in a public adversarial proceeding  based on  law.

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