Opening of Courthouse in Al-Faw

Opening of Courthouse in Al-Faw

2020-09-10 17:51:00

Baghdad /Judiciary Media

The Supreme Judicial Council announced the opening of a new courthouse in Al-Faw which was inaugurated  by Chief of Basra Appeal Court, judge Adel Adbul Razaq and members of the  local government in Basra and Al-Faw.

The courthouse in Al-Faw that was inaugurated in Al-Faw locality includes a complete compound of first instance, personal status, misdemeanor and investigation courts, a reporter of the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated.

The new building consists of sixty rooms including rooms for judges, courtrooms, rooms for employees and rooms for lawyers as well as other services, the reporter added.

The Chief of Federal Basra Appeal Court explained that the goal of the Supreme Judicial Council is to find courts and buildings that befit the prestige of the Iraqi judiciary and the citizen and contribute to provide the judicial service by using distinguish electronic, administrative and investigative systems .

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