Supreme Judicial Council holds the fifth session

Supreme Judicial Council holds the fifth session

2021-03-01 08:14:00

Baghdad /Judiciary Media

The Supreme Judicial Council held in-presence and electronically the fifth session headed by the President of Court of Cassation judge Dr. Faiq Zidan on Thursday on February 25, 2021. During this session, the desire of judges and public prosecutors to participate in the next election was discussed. However, It was considered the article (98/second) of the Constitution, which stipulates a judge or public prosecutor is prohibited from joining any party or political organization or performing any political activity so that the council decided that the judge and public prosecutor should resign from the Supreme Judicial Council and then he could stand for the elections because the electoral propaganda in a political party and the electoral bloc is a political activity.

Discussing cases respected to journalists belonging to Syndicate of  Journalists, the council decided to authorize chiefs justice of appeal courts to nominate investigative judges and judges of courts of the first instance to consider these cases in addition to their work.

The council also urged judges and members of public prosecution to adhere to the previous circulations regarding staying away from social media in order not to offend themselves and the judicial institution. Thus they can practice the scientific, judicial and legal activity via the site of the Supreme Judicial Council and the journal of the judiciary.

The council decided that the chiefs justice of the appeal courts should avoid suggesting an honorary judicial position and they should be aware of the capacity of the nominates according to the actual necessity of the work.

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