Ratifying statements of (13) accused of the Jableh crime

Ratifying statements of (13) accused of the Jableh crime

2022-01-05 07:51:00

Baghdad / Judiciary Media

 Hilla Investigation Court ratified the confessions of thirteen suspects of the murder of a family in the Al-Rashayed area in Babil Governorate.

The competent investigative judge ratified the statements of thirteen defendants, including nine officers and three members, in addition to the informant who gave false information. the reporter of the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council said.

 He explained the investigations that took place with the accused, indicated the cause of the accident was based on false information by the victim's nephew/son-in-law as a result of family disputes between them. He gave false information to the security services, claiming the presence of wanted terrorists in accordance with Article (4) 1) of Anti-Terrorism Act No. (13) of 2005 in the home of the victim so that the security service had raided the victim's house.

He added there are four arrest warrants issued against other defendants, and the investigation is in accordance with Article (406/1/g) of the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 and pursuant to (47, 48, and 49), pointing out that preliminary investigations indicate that the incident is criminal.

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