2022-04-26 07:39:00

Baghdad / Judiciary Media

The Supreme Judicial Council clarifies that the judiciary considers every case and the accused according to the legal evidence established in the investigation documents or the case file, regardless of the accused’s personality and his political, and social position.  The mechanisms of the judiciary do not subject to political influence. So, we call on political parties and personalities not to include the name of the judiciary in their political disputes and media rivalries through explicit or disguised social media platforms and call on not to mislead the public opinion with false information and insert the judiciary in these disputes based on party reasons and a competitive personality known to those closely familiar with it, the disputes contradict themselves in its positions regarding every case in which an accused person has political activity, because some of these parties defend that accused in a certain circumstance and then contradict themselves and work against the same accused in another circumstance, and this behavior reveals his personalization opinion and position on each issue according to the narrow interest of those parties away from the national interest.

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