The exceptional effort of the judiciary in Ninewa to arrest terrorists

The exceptional effort of the judiciary in Ninewa to arrest terrorists

2022-05-10 08:05:00

Baghdad /Judiciary Media

In cooperation with the security services, the judiciary in Ninewa governorate was able to reveal the crime of blowing a car up in Majmoaa area in the eastern Mosul on 28.4.2022 the explosion of the car killed a civilian and wounded nine civilians.

Ninewa investigation court decided to establish a work team including Ninewa intelligence and anti-terrorism directorate and Ninewa security directorate to reach the criminals, the reporter of the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council said. 

In the following up the vehicle showed that it had entered from Dihok. The coordination with security authorities in the Kurdistan region resulted in arresting the accused who admitted to communicating with a leader who is currently living in Ankara and makes car bombs and against whom an arrest warrant has been issued by the Ninewa investigation court since 2019, the reporter added.

The materials used in the explosion are locally made. The organization uses oil products and gas to increase the effect of the explosion.

After the phone dump, it has been shown that the organization continues to attract new members who are not wanted for security bodies via social media in special groups holding extremist Salafist ideology.

The judiciary has organized a recovery file against the fugitive accused leader. the security services are directed to follow up with the members of the groups.

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