President of Supreme Judicial Council to al-Sabah Journalist

President of Supreme Judicial Council to al-Sabah Journalist

2022-06-26 08:09:00

       It is necessary to review the texts of the constitution and made them appropriate for the political changes that happened in the last 19 years.

       The judiciary has chosen to be constitutional and independent from the rest authorities whatever the cost.

       Because of the political dispute between the coalitions and winning parties, many constitutional breaches have been happened and are still.

       If there is no penalty for violation of a constitutional or legal text, it will be a legal procedure and can be repeated.

       In order to make a media appearance, resorting to Federal Court has become common.

       The tribal practices has become a bad phenomenon leading to confusion in security situations and defect in social coherence.

       The courts are directed to deal accurately with media personnel when complaints are filed against them.

       The judiciary faces different charges because eastern society does not accept loss with sportsmanship.

       Ordinary detention, detention with hard labor and cease the implementation are based on legal grounds. A judge issued one of these judgments based on legal text rather than desire or response to pressure.

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