‎(Reversal of a previous decision) An internationally accredited judicial ‎context ‎

‎(Reversal of a previous decision) An internationally accredited judicial ‎context ‎

2022-06-29 08:01:00

Baghdad/Judiciary Media

The Supreme Court of the United States of America issued a decision that included reversing a previous decision issued in 1973 that was to guarantee the right of a woman to voluntarily terminate her pregnancy as long as her fetus is unable to survive outside her womb within 22 weeks of the start of pregnancy in the suitcase ( Roe v. Wade), however, the Supreme Court issued a decision on June 24,2022 that included a waiver of this principle and decided to allow each state to establish its own abortion laws, as the court approved a law issued in the state of Mississippi according to which abortion was prohibited after 15 weeks from pregnancy.

In line with this judicial context, the Court of Cassation and the Federal Court in Iraq made a number of decisions that included reversing previous decisions made at the time in circumstances and according to the jurisprudence of former judges who worked in those courts, and their successors found that these decisions require reversing them.

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